Last week I was off from my day job, a chance to catch up on some editing and make a start on this, the new website, I also drank a lot of coffee, that’s what happens when I have a kettle nearby instead of just the flask.

But now sadly back at work, chained to the job once again but it does give you that extra incentive to push harder for the things you want, so I’m planning to push harder than ever with Rainywood now to make this mad idea I had to start a business happen.

I don’t own rose tinted glasses, so fully aware that things aren’t happening over night and it will take hard work but I must keep pushing.

Feel free to spread the word about Rainywood though as I’ll need all the help I can get.

Talking of help! Just to remind anyone who is thinking of booking a photographer, keep them up to date.

Twice this year I’ve contacted wedding client’s to arrange the first meetings only to be told that they are no longer together & the wedding is off, it’s not that I’m upset about losing the job, it’s not even that you feel sorry for the ex couple…… it’s that you can’t help but feel like a complete idiot!

So please help your photographer out by keeping them in the loop,ta.


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