Repeating Myself

My wife often says I’ve only got patience for photography and is often confused when I’ll spend an age getting one photo but i get crabby if the line is too long or more than one person in front of me when shopping in Tesco!

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I don’t think it’s a bad thing I just care about my results, more so since I started Rainywood, when it was just snapshots for myself it was fine, just shoot what I like and if the results are nothing special it didn’t matter.
Now however every shot I take I have to think a potential customer is looking at it to judge my work and decide if they think my services are worth using, but you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive.
There are so many photographers working now that the choice is firmly with the customer which has to be a good thing as I believe the good and great photographer’s will work harder to keep on top of the game, that’s what u am aiming to do, keep trying to improve and make the product I offer the best it can be.
I proved this to myself recently when I was asked to shoot the 2017 calendar for Ipswich Rugby Club, I had been given the job last year and when I’d finished this year’s shoot and editing I noticed a massive improvement in my own pictures, I still happy with the 2016 calendar but in my opinion the 2017 version smashed it.
You can pick up a copy at The Ipswich Rugby Club or visit, it’s a bargain and the money goes back to the club.
Getting asked to repeat a job is a massive compliment like with the calendar, I’ve also had it with the Ipswich Cardinals American Football teams programme cover and The England Handball Finals at The Copper Box, hoping for all next year too, it’s harder to get repeat wedding work without wishing for divorce! As all of my couple’s have been great I’m not hoping for it.
Cheers Woody

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