Things have been a little quiet on the shooting front lately, partly my own fault as I haven’t shot any sport in a while, hopefully I can rectify that asap.

My other jobs have been taking over but they still pay the bills at present so they must come first. The biggest reminder of this was recently when I was asked to do a midweek shoot, it was only one hours work at a lunchtime, with travel would have been a whole day away from work and I could not justify losing a whole days money for one hours photography money.

Hate letting people down but had no choice! It’s not something that you ever plan to do, but I’m hoping the customer will stay with me for the other work i do for them.

What I have been doing more of lately is giving camera/photography advice, I’ve had a few people recently getting in touch with questions related to what I use, how I shoot & edit.

I have to take this as a massive compliment and although I don’t consider myself as an educator I’ve relished the opportunity to help and work with others.

Most of the time it’s been a quick chat about setting but sometimes a quick chat elevates into me going off for 4hours, like minded people talking about a creative passion plus the fact I’m a geek can add up to a long night!

Don’t believe that this side of things will develop into a product that Rainywood offers, like froknowsphoto.com whom I have learned so much from, as I never went uni to do photography or had any formal training people like Jared Polin who offer the chance to learn in an open an fun way are invaluable.

Think I will add a uni to my profile, The International University of YouTube and Google. Don’t know if I’ll ever get a certificate for this though!

Cheers. Woody

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