Definitely not new year resolutions

Sport is back on my agenda at last, I shot an evening rugby match between my two old clubs, Ipswich RFC and Hadleigh RFC the other night, it was the first game of rugby I’d shot this year and I realised how much I’ve missed the sport.

This year has been a manic one and I haven’t taken all the opportunities to shoot, there is no one to blame but myself, however I think the unforced break done me the world of good as I’ve now got the bit between my teeth again.
I’m more determined than ever to work harder and make 2017 a massive turning point and success, as ever I’m the only one that can make it happen so I’m going to need to stay focused on what I wish to achieve.
I want to fill up the diary with as much shooting as possible, mainly weddings as the pay will push the business on further, as I still work a “normal” job I can freely plough earning back into this business to hopefully help it grow. I also want to shoot alot more sport including those that I haven’t shot before the more random the better too I think.
Another goal for next year is to get back to Twickenham and shot some top level Rugby, it’s been too long since the Rugby World Cup and I want to return, here’s hoping.
Just a few of the goals I’m setting myself, definitely not new year resolutions!
Cheers Woody.

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