Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas to all, I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season and Santa or whoever brings you all the things that you wish for!

It probably won’t happen for me as I wish for a 1DX and a 600mm L lens and however much my wife loves me I think that’s a bit of a stretch.

If anyone is stuck for a gift Rainywood vouchers are always available…. Not that I trying to sell on the blog.

I’m lucky that my good lady wife still gets very excited about Christmas which still makes it a fun holiday for our household the great nephews and nieces also help and that’ll do as I don’t want grandchildren yet thanks.

The one thing I’m pretty certain that we won’t be getting here is a white Christmas, so it’s another year without shooting in the snow for me I think I need to return to Iceland, but for now I’ll make do with the good old English Christmas cheer and it not bad when the only complaint is no 1DX!



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