New year, new post

HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all, it seems to have affected me as I’m really late with this first blog entry of the year out, I’ll try not to let it happen again.

2016 ended well as I confirmed a Wedding booking at 22:45 on the 31st don’t think I could have cut it finer, 2017 maybe didn’t start as well but it does depend on your view! I’d been asked by a friend to shoot the Christening of their daughter, all was looking good, they loved my work, I had the date free and even my wife had been invited!

The problem came when they asked for the the price, I didn’t want to break the bank so I went in a little low, but even doing this was clearly not enough and suddenly uncle Bob, Charlie, Dave or whoever could get some snapshots for free.

I’m not complaining at least I’ll get to sleep in on the Sunday now, it’s more the frustration that people ask you to work for them and then expect your services for free, now I fully understand that we’re friends but do you do this when you go to do your weekly shop and you know someone on the check out!

I’d like to think people book me because they like my work and not to see what they can get for free!

Tiny rant over!

Flip side I have been asked back to the England Handball Finals this year which is a job I love, so looking forward to that in May once again at The Copper Box, it’s a really busy days work but a thoroughly enjoyable one.

I’ve also been letting my inner geek shine through, buying photo books and a new camera, now when I say new, it was released in 1949 so maybe not modern technology but I love it.

The camera in question is a Zeiss Ikon Nettar, made in Germany, it’s a medium format which uses 120 film, easy to buy but as I still don’t have a darkroom, not sure where I’m getting it processed yet.

Anyway the test roll is loaded and I’ll let you know on the progress.

Cheers Woody

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