A good week!

So it’s been a good week so far…. Saturday I traveled to Chelmsford to watch The Chieftains play Ice Hockey, the photos will be up at http://www.facebook.com/rainywoodphoto It was a great game if not a little one sided with Chelmsford taking the game 12-3 against Solent Devils!

I love watching/shooting Ice Hockey, however I think it’s one of the hardest sports to shoot for me, the action is so quick and the puck is so small and even faster than the players…. But I love a challenge!
There has also been a Wedding consultation this week, it’s an enjoyable part of the job you get to know the couple and get there ideas for the day, the more random the better.
Love bringing the ideas to life in a photo and just like the Ice Hockey it’s the challenge that I thrive on, as well as getting the classic wedding shots.
Like most couple’s the candid shots are the ones that everyone wants, so it’ll be another day of hiding in the shadows and trying to capture the “magic”.
Sunday sees the first portrait session of the year for a lovely couple who’s Wedding I shot, I have done them a family shoot before but every wall needs an update!
Now that’s what I call a good week!
Cheers Woody

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