Two sided coin!

Love, love, love delivering work, it’s a fantastic feeling to get good feedback for your work, gave some photos over last week and got just that reaction.

Similar to the new testimonial page I’ve set up on this site, receiving these words makes doing this so much more worthwhile.

Sadly there is a flip side.

Sometimes you get a week when you can’t get motivated to work, under normal conditions, even when tired I’ll get on with shooting, editing or something related to the craft but some weeks you can just hit a wall!

It doesn’t affect my passion for the work it’s just a “low week” and I have to battle through it, not after any sympathy it’s just a discussion point, which I guess is the reason I do this blog!

I’m sure I’ll get back on track within a day or two, the only ironic thing is this is the only job I have that I love and yet it’s the one to suffer!

Cheers Woody

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