People who follow my work will know I have a passion for shooting sports, I love the action, the determination on the faces of the players and more times than not the power that you get from a still image.

I think this is why I’ve always wanted to shoot the Ballet, I’ve always been a fan and I think it would be an excellent challenge.
The problem that I have is, like major sports I’m having problems getting access, I’ve tried many touring companies when they have been local to me but with no success.
This is where I’m hoping you lovely people come in! I’m looking for a couple to shoot preferably adults who are at a good level, I’d like to spend some time shooting them to develop a good photo story it will also give them some good photographs to use as they wish.
There will obviously be no charge for the couple as it’s just a personal project for myself, they’ll just hopefully enjoy the benefits.
If anyone knows of someone who’d be interested please point them in my direction.
Likewise feel free to send anyone my way, new clients are always welcome!
Cheers Woody

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