Just did it!

It’s Thursday already, I’d better write something…. Never wanted a routine but it appears I have one, on a Thursday at least.

Must work on getting the other six days sorted.

I didn’t shoot sports the weekend just gone, not because there was nothing to shoot, not because I couldn’t get to any and not because of bad weather.

I didn’t shoot because some bright spark (namely me) decided I’d have a run out on the rugby field. What’s wrong with that I hear you cry…….

After 4 years retired, it would appear that there’s quite a lot wrong with it! I’m still feeling it now 5 days later.

I did however have a great time running out with team mates old and new, as well as getting the physical enjoyment from the tackles and scrums, the big bonus was that we won…… Not that I’m competitive or anything.

It also gives me a new vigour with my photography, reminding me…. If you love it just do it!!!!!!

That’ll be my new motto I think to stop thinking about doing it and just get on with it again, I’ll consider myself told off!

Cheers Woody

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