Oh it’s a big one!

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted, after my last post that’s not a good way to move forward I guess, I have been busy though, just clearly not with writing!

Once again delivering photos has been the highlight, it’s something I (and probably most photographers) just love to do, it’s what makes the job truly worth the effort!

I had two sets to deliver, the first was a family portrait set, which I love to shoot, although sometimes it can be difficult getting the personality out of the child/children.

Either they are too young to take direction or when they are a little older there sometimes far too cool to have photos taken but as I’ve said before I love a challenge.

The other set was from a product shoot, now that’s a completely different animal, it all comes down to being a really fussy photographer, moving items and lights just a little over and over to get what I and the customer are looking for.

Both clients seemed happy with the results however for which, as always I am grateful.

I’ve finally managed to update my testimonial page, something I’ve been promising myself for a while and I’m more than happy with how it looks now, definitely worth the effort and the wait.

I’ve also created a shopping cart on the site via www.fineartamerica.com which I’m really happy with also, please have a look and maybe buy a print.

The link is below.


Two small steps but I think they make a massive difference to the site, let me know what you think.

In other news I have been asked to speak at a camera club as a guest, an old friend is starting up a new club, it’s a great honour to be asked and I accepted right away.

Once I’d run through the process of talking to a group however the concerns started flooding in, I struggle to write this blog sometimes, let alone come up with something to say out loud to a group of strangers.

I have about a month to plan everything, so I’m hoping my inner nerd will kick in and they may not be able to shut me up!

I will keep you up to date with my progress and the results.

Cheers Woody

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