Good week vs Bad week!

However good the week has been frustration can still kick in, shot rugby twice last weekend and been a good week in the almost an office, yet still feel like I’m getting nowhere.

The main reason I think is when I’m board at the day job and the mind starts to wonder, what could I achieve if I only had the resources, I drift of dreaming about my studio with editing suite and darkroom attached.

All that glass I’d buy to go on a couple of 1DX mk ii’s.

Then i blink and carry on shoveling the pile of shite from one pile to another!

But I must not dwell on the down side or on what may happen one day if those six numbers come up.

When I started Rainywood I never intended it to be a get rich quick scheme I would however like it to be busy enough that it could support me or even itself, I don’t think I’ll get to the position when I can stop the day job, however much I’d like too, just have to get to a point where I have a happy medium.

For now it’s just another hump in the road to get over then I can carry on with my world domination, it may be a long way off but there’s no harm in dreaming and it gets me through the day….. Just!

On a lighter note, the first wedding of the year is happening next weekend and I can’t wait for that, who doesn’t love a good wedding.

Confetti at the ready folks.

Cheers Woody

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