Fun, fun, fun!

It’s a wedding weekend, and this makes me happy, absolutely love shooting weddings, not something I intended when i started but as Rainywood has grown so has my passion for shooting people’s happy day.

It’s not just the day i enjoy the other work too, the hours of editing and sorting the photographs, getting any film developed (if I’ve shot with it) creating the story of the day.

Before the day is fun too, getting to know the client, checking everything is good for them and general prep.

Can’t wait to share the images with you.

I’ve also got the website to a place I’m happy with, it’s clean and simple but hopefully not too boring, as I’ve updated the text pages to something other than just text!

In other news I’ve got myself a new toy, a FujiFilm Instax, just like an old school Polaroid, nothing I’m planning on charging for but I’ll be using it for weddings as an extra for the customers, i thinking as an end of the day gift.

I can also see it coming in handy at portrait shoots. As it comes with a flash it will be able to fire the strobes and i can check the finished look of the shoot.

It will also help with that important element of what we do with photography….. It will be fun and we can’t forget that…. It’s kind of important.

If i didn’t enjoy this there’s no way I’d still be shooting, i still love it, even with the ranting and moaning i sometimes do on this blog, i still have a passion for photography and long may that continue.

Cheers Woody

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