A Handball Time of Year

Meeting people and chatting is a massive part of what we do as photographers it is mainly a fun process.

When it comes to wedding work it is vitally important, you need to have at least some connection with the client, the wedding is the main one and a great starting point for conversion.

My biggest weakness when having these meetings to discuss the plans for the happy couples big day is i never know when to stop!

Once the main points are sorted and we have a first draft plan of the day i always find myself going into full geek mode, especially if the couple also have some ideas of there own, the more challenging the better, or when you hear the magic word’s, “just do what you like, we’ll try anything!” That’s how Alice & Pete ended up in a tree and how i got away with doing The Batman symbol behind Clare & Gary with a flaming torch, happy days.

Sports is my other weakness, i think once you’ve been involved in competitive sports you will always have a connection with others, regardless of the sport involved.

This weekend coming I’d a prime example, on Sunday 21st of May it’s The England Handball Finals at The Copper Box and I’m lucky enough to have been asked back for my third year shooting the event.

It’s one of my favourite days of the year, love shooting the event, the matches are incredibly competitive, the atmosphere is electric and all those involved are great people, looking forward to sharing the images from the day, if you can come along its a great day of sport!

Check them out at http://www.englandhanball.com and @englandhandball on Instagram while your there have a look at http://www.solopress.com or @solopress on Instagram, i had my new flyers delivered from them this week and they are fantastic, great great service as always too, thanks to them.

Cheers Woody

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