Getting Back Up To Date!

Been promising myself for too long now that I’ll write regularly and i keep failing, so no more promises, I’ll just write when I’m ready, that way I’m letting no one down, including myself.

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Things are quite groovy at the moment, it’s wedding season which is always a fun time of year, most of this year’s prep is done just got the big days to shoot! 

Recently shot the England Handball finals at The Copper Box,(@englandhandball) I absolutely love shooting the event, the whole day is really well run and it attracts some really nice people, i truly believe that aggressive sports do that.

Just like my beloved rugby, aggression on the field – appreciation in the stands! It’s what great sport is all about for me.

Just to contradict myself, i am a general sports fan especially from behind the camera, sport is still my favourite thing to shoot. Although i do enjoy the weddings more than ever.

I did have an unusual call recently asking me to shoot from an organisation that I never expected to hear from. The Women’s Institute! (@cakeandrevolutionwi) I didn’t even know it was still a thing, my Mum was involved when i was young and I got dragged along (kicking & screaming) to some of their events in the late 70’s, this was still the image I had in my head, how wrong i was.

The cake making tradition is still there but that’s where the comparison ends, the new breed of WI members are alot different an so are the functions.

The one I was invited to shoot was taking place in Ipswich library a beautiful old building, with lots a great backgrounds to make interesting photographs, the theme of the party was a mad hatter’s tea party and the only dress code was wear you maddest hat, which the ladies did, with great results! 

With 4 bars and more cake than you could shake a stick at the night was a huge success, i also got introduced to a band i hadn’t seen before, Primo Nelson (@primo_nelson) go and check them out, they rock the funk!!!!!!

I have some new clients too which is massive news for me, I’ve started working with Ipswich Swimming Club, doing some promotional work for them and I’m hoping it will develop further.

It’s a great club (@teamipswich) with loads of history, I’m looking forward to working with them much more in the future.

With the promo work at the start of this week and a wedding at the weekend, hopefully some Basketball this weekend and then another midweek wedding, I’m getting a look at where I’d like to end up, being this busy is like a dream come true although a little hard on the eyelids, but this is truly where I’d like to be so long may it continue.

Thanks for reading.

Cheers Woody

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