A roll of 35mm & a bic……

When I was young I tried a few times to write a diary, but never stuck too it, mainly because I’m terrible at spelling, which in turn used to frustrate me, make me angry and therefore I’d just give up!

I also wasn’t great at articulating my thoughts & feeling, especially writing them down, but nobody I knew did! It was a different time, I’m fully aware of that, we didn’t have facebook etc to tell everybody when you were feeling sad with a emoji!

Even when Sue Townsend wrote “The secret diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 & 3/4” and everyone started, if only for a week or two started writing, I never did!

Now however with the joys of spell check on every bit of tech we own it’s so much easier to share, hence even a thicky like me can write a blog that makes a little sense, at least I hope it does.

The same is true with photography, in the “good olde days” of film only, most of us who were not professionals just took family snapshots to put in an album or maybe even in the bin!

Today however with the amount of tech at our fingertips everyone takes photos of everything and everyone and shares them on all types of social media, because everyone has a point&shoot camera and a laptop in there pocket.

I’m not complaining as I clearly use this tech to my own advantage, however I does make it harder and harder to make a living doing what I do, there are very very few staffer jobs at publications as most are now online, and alot of people resent spending money on photographs for the same reasons…. They know someone who takes pictures and they’ll do it for a pint or two.

This all means I have to work harder and offer more, one of the things I do is also incorporate film photography into what I do, I don’t see it as going backwards just another string to my bow.

I’m not planning on writing the blog by hand and posting it out though……

I also give out much more printed work to customers now and incorporate it into my package, either a large print or a selection of 6×4’s I feel it’s another sweetener, just like the instax photos I give people it’s just a little bonus.

I’m hoping it’s the little things that they me noticed and we all need hope or a massive lottery win, but hope will do for now I guess.

As a ps, if you’d like to go on the mailing list for the blog, send me your address, just please don’t expect the correct spellings or good handwriting for that matter, sorry.

Cheers Woody

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