Happy Days…..

I’m on holiday……..

Living the high life in Sardinia, Italy and I can’t complain, the weather is beautiful, the food is amazing and there are plenty of photo opportunities to be taken. Torreruja Hotel, Isola Rossa. Is great and there staff are excellent, my Italian is coming on really well too, I think I’m up to 5 words now and that’s not including beer and cigarettes in a really back accent!

Was planning on getting some street photography practice in but that hasn’t really come up as I’ve spent most of the time on the beach, this has however helped with my other target for the trip getting more underwater images together, not meaning to steal a catchphrase but there’s plenty of fish! Jellyfish too as I’ve found out, worth getting stung for though the water is lovely!

I’m looking forward to getting the photos off the action camera and into lightroom to see how they’ve really come out. Can never quite be sure off the tiny screen but all’s looking good.

I’ve also been getting alot of late night shots, capturing the scenery as well as the stars, long exposures and fingers crossed, but I’m happy with what I’ve got, at least on the back of the camera anyway.

I’ve a few days of the trip left so I’ll still hopefully get some Italian street photography into the bank but it is a holiday so I’m not pushing too hard, it’s always nice to just be able to shoot without any pressure and just be happy with whatever comes.

Going to be nice and busy on my return to blighty too, the first weekend back will be taken up with Ipswich Swimming Club’s, club championships, which I’m really looking forward too, should be a nice challenge for me to try and get some classic swimming shots, again sometime new and hopefully another string to the bow.

The rugby is also back on and I’m looking forward to the 2017/18 season, I’ll hopefully get to all my old clubs and get them all done shots they are happy with, I’ll maybe even have a run out again this year but I’m not promising myself anything as I still hurt from my one appearance last season.

Unless I get any last minute bookings in the wedding season for this year is over for me, it’s been a short year this time around but a really enjoyable one and I’m already looking forward to next year’s celebrations, there’s always room for more bookings too, so get in touch if your interested or share out my details if you know someone who is.

Back to the beach now, more to come when I’m home.

Cheers Woody.

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