Filling that pipeline…

I’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline at the moment, which is always a good thing, projects ticking over equals happy Woody.
Recently I got approved to shoot at The Chelsea Flower Show, I’m shooting for an amazing artist who creates beautiful pencil drawings of animals.

Laura also has her artwork printed onto various products from coasters to watering cans and defusers. Laura has secured a stand at Chelsea and will be selling lots of products, she has kindly asked me to shoot for her on “press day” so I will have to be on my A-game and get plenty of photos she can be proud of.
Chelsea has always been on my bucket list, so to be able to go on “press day” is a huge privilege, hopefully I’ll be able to do some shooting for myself once I’ve done what needs to be done for Laura, check out her FB page too if you can’t get to Chelsea and would like to see her work

While your on Facebook looking at Laura’s page please check out an event that is very close to my heart, is the place to visit to see everything that’s going to be happening at “Jamie’s SSAFA Fun Day” which is being held at Wickham Market Primary School on the 2nd of June from midday.

There is loads going on and all for an amazing charity, please support this event, I’ll be there shooting the event on behalf of Jamie so please come and say hi to us both! One of my canvas prints is in the raffle, so that’s a good reason to get a ticket!
So have a look at the page to read the full story of why this awesome young man is working so hard for his chosen charity.
As well as writing this blog I’ve had a little tweek of the site too, changing the look and style just a little, please let us know any feedback you have I’d love to get your opinion and thoughts.

Everything you can tell me will hopefully help me improve the site and I’m always open to criticism, good or bad.
As always thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve got something from it, I’ll hopefully see you on the 2nd of June.
Cheers Woody

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