With the break I’ve had in writing I don’t think I’ll try to carry on with any thread that I had going, so we’ll have this as a reboot and I’ll just write this post and see where I end up.

I’ve made a conscious decision to do a full reboot of the website too, I’ve just picked a terrible time to do it as I’m really busy at the moment, but it’s for me to manage my time better, as I don’t think my wife would let me go to a 3 day week….. If I won the lottery I still don’t think she’d let me quit work, I probably wouldn’t want to either.

So the eagle eyed will have noticed I’ve started to change things on here, the lay out and design has been updated, which is a start, just got the endless task of refreshing alot of the photos, feel it’s time, can’t keep the same ones up forever.

There has been a few weddings shot since we last spoke so those pages should be OK to replace, the “beyond” pages too which are not such a structured format, in other words I can put what I like in there and it will hopefully still work!

My downfall over the last year has been sports, I haven’t got round to shooting a lot and it’s all my own fault, maybe I’ve been lazy, can’t blame everything on being busy, I am going g to try and correct this as soon as possible.

I’ve started with football, which is strange for me but when the opportunity presents itself I try to go with it, been working with Trimley Red Devils who are being sponsored by The Grand in Felixstowe so it all ties in, the rugby season starts soon too and I’ve promised myself to shoot more of my favourite sport this year.

So everything is in hand…… I think……. I hope!

I’ll get back to blogging regularly too.

Fingers crossed hey.
Cheers Woody

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