To Blog or not to Blog…..

I’m almost there with the website update, some more photos to change and a couple of pages to update and I’ll be right.
Feeling massively lazy right now as I haven’t done a blog in a long time, it’s funny how I focus on wierd shit that I feel I must do like keeping up to date with a blog, it’s not like I generate a massive amount of jobs from this or any for that matter.
I get side-tracked alot by what I think I should or shouldn’t do, maybe its because I watch too many photo videos on YouTube…. Or it could just be me, its the same as comparing my work to other photographers and beating myself up that I’m not that good, doesn’t really matter what others are doing or do.
Still don’t truly know where the blog is going as everytime I write it seems to end up as a rant and that was never the intension with this. I think I’d like to do something useful with it but not sure how.
I do get a lot of photography questions from friends and family but don’t think that makes me a teacher by any means besides does anyone want that sort of education in a blog when sites like YouTube have it so widely covered?
Just need to settle on a theme and roll with it, maybe stop thinking too much as well!
As well as rebooting this site I’ve also launched a second. Its somewhere to add whole wedding albums so my customers can access them without blocking up pages here, the albums are password protected so there is not a lot to see right now but you can find it at hope you like what I did there!
I’ve also created a site for a hairdresser which is weird as I’m as bald as they come, but she is recommended on here so it’s fair, please check Meredith out her site is and if I say so myself it’s pretty cool!
Maybe I should do more website building but it’s not hard when I just show people how to use so maybe it’s cheatig anyway?
I also did a photo shoot for Meredith which is also going towards my Art Envy project, I’ll hopefully share some of that soon enough.
Ramble and Rant over.

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