Hi my name is Woody & I have a photography problem!

I’m a photographer based in Suffolk and I’d love to work with you, no matter where you are its fine I can drive and I have a passport.

I am primarily a wedding photographer which I love, its all about the whole experience for me from getting to know you to revealing the finished product and getting a smile or even a tear. So please get in touch so we can discuss what you would like and how we can both get the best out of your shots.

I also love sports, portraiture & travel/street photography.

Since a young age I’ve enjoyed taking photos although on my first attempt I cut off Mum and Dads heads much to there amusement, I need to find that photo! I can not however say that it was a dream to become a photographer, I just wanted to be a Jedi. But after some serious pressure from my awesome wife Lorraine, I turned my passion/hobby into the small business that has become Rainywood Photography.

My weekend and spare time are now happily filled with taking and editing photos, I say weekends, as sports photography is a major part of what I do and i’m always looking for new sports to shoot.

If you have any questions, something to discuss or even some feedback please get in touch I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks Woody