Thanks 2017, you’ve been ok………. Not great just ok, photo wise the last third pretty much sucked! However I continue to love what I do and the customer base I have.

I’m not one for new years resolutions but the end of the year does seem like a good time to reboot, so that’s what I’m planning to do and as 2018 brings up my 5 year anniversary of Rainywood I think it’s time to get serious.
Not everything is planned out or mapped but I’m determined to turn things around this year, there’s a few more wedding bookings than I’ve had in a while so that’s a positive to start. I also have a new personal project planned which will hopefully be a success and maybe a second exhibition, watch this space.

I haven’t written a blog post in a while either, because of the funk I’ve found myself in, I didn’t feel like I had alot to write about, so before I started this post I had a little look back over some of my previous rants……. The Conclusion is I windge and moan far too much. So let’s also make this the start of things to come and I’ll endeavour to keep things on the lighter side.
I don’t have a huge following on my blog and it’s not going to change if I carry on being negative is it? So I’ll apologise now for being grumpy up to now but also a massive thank you to those that have stuck with things and continue to read along, feel free to remind me of this post in the future if I have a relapse.
As I said earlier it’s the fifth year of Rainywood and it reminds me of when I made the push to get the business started, I was cleaning/painting container roofs in a storage lockup with my friend/nephew Callum and we were discussing the idea of starting things, I vividly remember saying to him “I can give it 5 years and see how it goes, if it doesn’t work I can just call it a day” not everything I wanted to happen I the past 5 years has come true, but alot more than I expected has, my point is I’m carrying on with more energy than ever, the only person that can make this happen is me and the only person that can make it fail is me so it’s time to pull up the socks and work a lot harder.

My main shooting aim this next year will be sports as I’ve been slacking off with it a little, my main business aim will be printing and getting my work out there for people, watching people’s face light up when they receive a photograph is a highlight for me, I love showing work digitally but a photograph someone can hold, show off and hang on a wall holds an extra magic for me and I think for my customers too.
So it’s with this post that I move forward all that’s left is for me to say a happy holiday and a fantastic new year to all my customers new and old, friends and family.
Thanks one and all.


This was going to be my latest blog post……………..

“Back from my holiday and I’m pleased to report I had a lovely time doing not a whole lot, apart from eating amazing Italian food, swimming and taking photos.

Crashed back to reality in a fantastic way, with a whole load of editing to do, embrace the busy Woody it’s for your own good! 

I do need to have a massive clean up of both my office space as well as my storage, my work space is a mess and it’s becoming a distraction and can’t be good for me, it’s not like I don’t know where everything is, it’s just it has more stuff on top of it! 

Spring is going to come early for me on the cleaning front anyway, as soon as I’ve got some spare time anyway. 

I need to sort my storage too, when everything has calmed down I’m need to rearrange my files and catalogue them a little better especially my earlier work, I have files everywhere!”

This all sounds really impressive but I’ve been back for a few weeks now and if the truth be known I’m really struggling, I can’t seam to get my act together, I’m having no problems shooting it’s just sitting down and doing editing or anything else for that matter! 

I know what needs doing and I have a massive list, just can’t find the motivation. 

It’s now honestly starting to worry me, I’m hoping it’s just a funk and I’ll soon find my rhythm once again. 

I need a kick up the arse, so if anyone has a good size 12 that they can swing I’d appreciate it! Don’t want to have to resort to the Instagram posts that fill my page! 

Here’s hoping reading this back in the cold light of day will be enough! 

Cheers Woody

I’m on holiday……..

Living the high life in Sardinia, Italy and I can’t complain, the weather is beautiful, the food is amazing and there are plenty of photo opportunities to be taken. Torreruja Hotel, Isola Rossa. Is great and there staff are excellent, my Italian is coming on really well too, I think I’m up to 5 words now and that’s not including beer and cigarettes in a really back accent!

Was planning on getting some street photography practice in but that hasn’t really come up as I’ve spent most of the time on the beach, this has however helped with my other target for the trip getting more underwater images together, not meaning to steal a catchphrase but there’s plenty of fish! Jellyfish too as I’ve found out, worth getting stung for though the water is lovely!

I’m looking forward to getting the photos off the action camera and into lightroom to see how they’ve really come out. Can never quite be sure off the tiny screen but all’s looking good.

I’ve also been getting alot of late night shots, capturing the scenery as well as the stars, long exposures and fingers crossed, but I’m happy with what I’ve got, at least on the back of the camera anyway.

I’ve a few days of the trip left so I’ll still hopefully get some Italian street photography into the bank but it is a holiday so I’m not pushing too hard, it’s always nice to just be able to shoot without any pressure and just be happy with whatever comes.

Going to be nice and busy on my return to blighty too, the first weekend back will be taken up with Ipswich Swimming Club’s, club championships, which I’m really looking forward too, should be a nice challenge for me to try and get some classic swimming shots, again sometime new and hopefully another string to the bow.

The rugby is also back on and I’m looking forward to the 2017/18 season, I’ll hopefully get to all my old clubs and get them all done shots they are happy with, I’ll maybe even have a run out again this year but I’m not promising myself anything as I still hurt from my one appearance last season.

Unless I get any last minute bookings in the wedding season for this year is over for me, it’s been a short year this time around but a really enjoyable one and I’m already looking forward to next year’s celebrations, there’s always room for more bookings too, so get in touch if your interested or share out my details if you know someone who is.

Back to the beach now, more to come when I’m home.

Cheers Woody.

Had my first grown up exhibition at the weekend, I was very happy with the result’s.

I was running it in tandem with Felixstowe’s “Art on the Prom” event. This draws massive crowds, I’m under no illusions that’s I dragged them all into The Grand to see my work but I did get some attention, and I was more than happy with the foot fall through the pub.

After so much work went into the event I was more than happy to get people in and at least talking with me about my work.

I had a good number of large canvases up, quite a few from my time at the rugby world cup and some which I considered to be more “arty” to gel with the event.

I also presented a selection of 7×5’s  for everyone to browse through and maybe buy, everything was for sale and some items went.

I’ve now put the remainder of the canvases up for sale on the fb page (search rainywoodphoto) so hopefully they’ll also sell at some point, but once again patience is a wonderful thing.

It’s definitely an experience I’m going to repeat, just don’t know where or when as yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

Just before the exhibition I delivered a very large stack of photos to Ipswich Swimming Club, this was also a great experience, doing all of there head shots and some promo work too.

Hopefully it’s a relationship that will continue to grow, it’s already heading in the right direction as I’m shooting the club championships for them, something I’m really looking forward too.

In other news I’m getting my first break in a while, I’ll leave it till I’m back before I report but I’m going to shoot alot of street photography as well as work on my landscapes and underwater images, wish me luck.

Cheers Woody

I generally tend to write the blog on a Thursday evening, it’s not a rule it’s just something that has developed that way. I feel though that I’m maybe lacking a little content and size to my posts, so this week I’m trying something a little different. Let’s see how this goes.

I’ve been given a new camera too, it’s my first Olympus, looking forward to cleaning this one up, hopefully there’s a film in there to get developed, Kodak film is fire resistant…… Right?

I’m starting this post on the Friday morning just after I posted the last piece, I’m going to take the week and aim for another Thursday pm release, I’ll just write when the mood takes me or there is something I feel I need to say, I really hope this isn’t too much of a ramble but I guess there’s only one way to find out.

I’ve been busy of late and haven’t updated the site in a while, there has been weddings and a fair chunk of portrait work recently and it all needs to get represented on here. I know it’s just housekeeping but it needs to be done, I must not get too behind.

I try to keep the blog flowing and keep that fresh I just need to do the same with my content, besides brides will get upset if they can’t show off their dresses on line, I hope they do anyway, now the tech is there use it people!

Even after that little moan at myself for getting behind, I’m making even more of a rod for my own back this weekend, I’m shooting football on Sunday morning which is a real break from the norm for me, as its normally only contact sports I like to shoot and I know next to nothing about football which will add to the challenge as not knowing where the play is heading will be hard, but I’m told footballs not that tricky so I’m not too worried! Also a change is as good as a rest, I guess.

Later on in the afternoon I have to shoot a portrait session for an awesome family. Number one son has just passed out with the Army and they would like some photographs to remember the occasion, perfectly understandable. Family in there best bib & tucker with him in his number ones, should be a great shoot, hopefully.

Everything as it turns out was great with both shoots on Sunday, the footie shots are up at already and i’ve now got to start work on the portraits too, before next weekend when there’s another family to shoot.

Meanwhile I’m just sorting the shots for Ipswich Swimming Club ready to goto the printers as well as my shots for the “Pics in the Pub” exhibition!

I’m looking forward to mass reactions from both jobs, fingers crossed the reactions will be positive!

I’ve seen a couple of phone photos that the printers have sent me of my “Pics in the Pub” canvases, for want of a better description they are awesome!

I’ve since picked them up, just goto hang them Sunday morning, it’s all very scary! Equally I can’t wait, I hope to see you there!

Cheers Woody

I’ve only had the good version so far so I can still say I love it!

It’s even better that it’s the third year on the trot that I’ve managed it, probably not that hard considering the photos are of their child, but it still makes me happy when the tears start. 

It’s also the closest thing I have to a proper ongoing project, as I’m booked in till Robyn’s 21st, it’s going to be least another eighteen years, it’s always good to have something to look forward to I guess and I do as shooting and delivering for these guys is a joy.

I do however want to start a personal project, it’s just a question of what to shoot, I don’t want to rip anyone off or be judged against any of my friends, like I would have been if I’d have gone with my first thought of shooting the churches in Suffolk, my friend and inspiration Lee Thornberry shoots alot of churches, all be it all over the country. 

I like his work far to much to try and compete, even if the competition is only in my head, which I think all photographers will agree thats where most of the competition and negative thoughts live.

We must remember to keep them there too, if they got out I’d never work again, considering how happy I am with customers crying, I don’t know how if deal with masses of negative feedback, I welcome some but who know how they’d react.

That’s what I find interesting about the up and coming exhibition at The Grand, have to wait and see what responses I get to my work.

The printing process has started so there is definitely no going back now, still have to plan out where to hang the work, I’m aiming for the walls, but not making any promises just yet.

Sticking with shots from The Rugby World Cup and also some “arty” images to go with the Art on the Prom” collaboration, the only disappointment is that it’s only a one day event, so mine is probably the shortest running exhibition in photographic history!

I am massively looking forward to it though. Roll on the next one maybe it’ll be a little longer running and feature my next project?

Just got to sort one out.

Cheers Woody