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How Much do you charge?

I don’t want to put up lists and lists of pricing options, and therefore to keep it as simple as possible this is the basic price list.

Full Wedding Day Service………………..£995.00

Short Wedding Day Service……………..£595.00

Portrait Service…………………………………£200.00

Please use the get in touch if you have a unique commission that you require pricing for.

Is there a deposit?

I charge a 10% deposit to secure a booking date.

How long is each service?

I would never like to stop a session dead because of a time limit, so i’ll always work with my customers to make sure you have what you need, but to set fair boundaries for us all, the “Portrait Service” is generally between one and a half to two hours.

A “Short Wedding Day Service” would cover the Wedding service through to the speeches. (Circa five hours)

The “Full Wedding Day Service” covers you from “Bridal Prep” all the way through to “Last Orders” at the bar, there is no time limit on this service if its within one day!

When will my photos be ready?

The short answer is ASAP, however i will always do my best to get them to you quickly but i will not rush your images as i want you to be as satisfied as possible. For a rough guide the “Portrait Session” would be within the week and for the “Full Wedding Day Service” hopefully within the month, timings obviously depend on how busy i am etc but i will always keep you updated.

How will my photos arrive?

Your images will be delivered on a USB memory stick, when ever possible it will be in person as i like to go through them with you to see your reaction.

Do you do Albums?

Yes albums are available see the “Photo-books & Printing” page

Do you shoot video?

I can shoot video from fixed positions as videography is not my primary business and I will hopefully be concentrating on your photographs, you would however get an edited video but maybe not the cinematic masterpiece you would get from a full time videographer, if your after this result please have a look at the “Rainywood Recommends” page.

Why don’t you have any hair?

Because male pattern baldness is hereditary and if didn’t take it all off I’d look like a caricature of a monk from a Carry On film!

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