If you’ve had a look round the website, read the blog before or know me, you’ll know I’m a massive Rugby fan.
However much of a fan I am, after applying for every England home game since the RWC 2015 and getting rejection emails for every England home game since the RWC 2015 I’d fell out of love a little with shooting the greatest game on earth.
To be honest last year I hardly shot sport at all, I’d convinced myself I was far too busy with weddings and all that to shoot, I was making excuses that I did not need to make!
Please don’t get me wrong I enjoy weddings and portraiture so much and I’d be a complete fool to dismiss it, after all its what makes Rainywood work, I’ve made very little money from sports photography but I’ve funded all my kit from weddings and portraits (although a lottery win or a rich backer still wouldn’t go amiss).
Recently however I was invited to return to my old club as they were after some (I hope) quality photos, not pulled form Facebook.
I of course obliged and went to shoot a Pre-season game between Ipswich RFC & Thetford, it was a slightly one sided affair in favour of Ipswich, but I must admit that I loved every single minute of being back shooting what I truly truly love.
I think this is one thing that has recently re-ignited my passion for the sports, the boxing a few months ago, and being asked to shoot for Team Ipswich Swimming again, for there head shots and team shots is a massive honor.
So hopefully it’s the start of things to come and once again I’ll hopefully get better and stronger as a photographer.
In the meantime I needed a break, so did my ever hard working wife, so luckily and last minute (ish) the wife sorted us a fantastic holiday away in Cyprus.

Hence I am writing this at 02:20 on an EasyJet flight back to Gatwick, it has been an awesome time, plenty of swimming the the beautiful blue and warm Mediterranean Sea, eating amazing local food, the beers not too bad either and generally recharging our batteries.

…………. “Then there was a short space of time when I forgot to finish this post”………….
Back now and fully recharged I can restart, last weekend was great and what I’m going to call a hash tag weekend as I got my Holy trinity in #bridesballersandbeyond with a wedding on the Friday, family shoot and a game of rugby on the Sunday….
Happy happy days!
I love what I do!
This weekend I’m stating a personal project, as I’ve got so much time on my hands, been toying with it for about a year and now is the time to get the wheels in motion.
I’m sure I’ll make a decision about a name for it soon, but at the moment it’s a work in progress, thinking….
  1. Other Art
  2. Art, Happening
  3. Art! In Motion
  4. Art Flow
Still undecided, so I’ll accept feedback for this or anything.

I’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline at the moment, which is always a good thing, projects ticking over equals happy Woody.
Recently I got approved to shoot at http://www.rhs.org.uk The Chelsea Flower Show, I’m shooting for an amazing artist http://www.laurajaynefisk.co.uk who creates beautiful pencil drawings of animals.

Laura also has her artwork printed onto various products from coasters to watering cans and defusers. Laura has secured a stand at Chelsea and will be selling lots of products, she has kindly asked me to shoot for her on “press day” so I will have to be on my A-game and get plenty of photos she can be proud of.
Chelsea has always been on my bucket list, so to be able to go on “press day” is a huge privilege, hopefully I’ll be able to do some shooting for myself once I’ve done what needs to be done for Laura, check out her FB page too if you can’t get to Chelsea and would like to see her work www.facebook.com/laurajaynefisk

While your on Facebook looking at Laura’s page please check out an event that is very close to my heart, http://www.facebook.com/events/523400228040017/?ti=cl is the place to visit to see everything that’s going to be happening at “Jamie’s SSAFA Fun Day” which is being held at Wickham Market Primary School on the 2nd of June from midday.

There is loads going on and all for an amazing charity, please support this event, I’ll be there shooting the event on behalf of Jamie so please come and say hi to us both! One of my canvas prints is in the raffle, so that’s a good reason to get a ticket!
So have a look at the page to read the full story of why this awesome young man is working so hard for his chosen charity.
As well as writing this blog I’ve had a little tweek of the site too, changing the look and style just a little, please let us know any feedback you have I’d love to get your opinion and thoughts.

Everything you can tell me will hopefully help me improve the site and I’m always open to criticism, good or bad.
As always thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve got something from it, I’ll hopefully see you on the 2nd of June.
Cheers Woody