I never thought it would happen but I have to confess I’m a social media fan.

The Rainywood Facebook page has been a great success, I use it to showcase my work, I’m aware that it compresses photos quite alot but it’s for me the best free advertising available.

It has given me access to hundreds of customers and I hope to move it forward, using it more in 2017.

Likewise Twitter is a really useful tool and like Facebook I must up my game next year, delivering more “mini blogs” it’s great to post snippets of information but not sure how many people still use the little bird!

Being a photographer my favourite of all is Instagram, the ability to share phone photos as well as edited dslr shots holds a big appeal for me.

The other main reason I use Instagram is for a source of inspiration, there are a lot of quality photographers and companies who use the site to post some amazing work.

With that in mind here is a list of my top 10 influencers from Instagram, for me in 2016…..

1- @jaredpolin aka Fro Knows Photo, this guy is a massive influence on my work, as well as Instagram I also subscribe to the YouTube channel it’s like the most fun you can have at school.

2- @gilesclement shoots tin type and glass plate Photography, his work is just beautiful. I’m not a fan of having my photo taken but I’d gladly sit for this man.

3- @mr_thornberry a personal friend of mine who’s photography business Greenman Photography started way before mine, he is an exceptional landscape photographer who’s work I love.

4- @natgeo hope I don’t need to explain what these guys do….. just amazing and the work on instagramstories has me gripped.

5- @life another magazine page, sadly the real thing is no longer with us but all the legendary work makes me smile.

6- @ touretteshero Jess Thom, pure and simple an inspiration, she has taken her “disability” and is using it as comedy a living legend.

7- @gettysport once again just fantastic images and if I like enough photos maybe they’ll give me a job, that’s how it works right?

8- @bruce_bennett I love a bit of Ice Hockey and there’s no one better than Mr Bennett for Ice Hockey photographs.

9- @brandon2142 I met Brandon Griffiths at The Rugby World Cup he’s a great photographer and an all round nice guy.

10- @antondixonathlete Anton Dixon is a long jumper his stories make me want to work as hard as he does, what he went through trying to make The Rio Olympics was enough to make everyone else feel lazy, please give him some love.

I hope you check these pages out if you do tell them I sent you and use #bridesballersandbeyond, hope you enjoy looking at something new and you find some inspiration too.

Cheers, Woody

It’s the 1st of December, that signals some changes, firstly I’ll be getting some new socks in about 24 days and it’s getting frosty!


Secondly it’s almost the new year, that time when everyone gives themselves false hope about the new diet or getting a six-pack. I’ve never been one for new years resolutions for that reason, by the 10th of January I’ve normally eaten too much, given up on the diet and decided that I’m better off cuddly!

I am however going to continue to improve my craft as much as I can, by continuing to learn, grow myself as a photographer and the business by hopefully reaching as many new customers as possible. That is a promise to myself.

The third important thing about today is that the new website is properly live, I’m aware if your reading this you probably know that but hey I’m a proud man so I’m going to mention it.

I will continue to add content to the site both photograph’s and of course blog posts so hopefully it will continue to grow but I need you guys to like/share to help me spread the word about Rainywood, it’ll only happen with your help, so many thanks in advance.

In the meantime I hope we can all look forward to the holidays, I’ll post some Christmas lists for you and me in the next post.

Cheers Woody

Things have been a little quiet on the shooting front lately, partly my own fault as I haven’t shot any sport in a while, hopefully I can rectify that asap.

My other jobs have been taking over but they still pay the bills at present so they must come first. The biggest reminder of this was recently when I was asked to do a midweek shoot, it was only one hours work at a lunchtime, with travel would have been a whole day away from work and I could not justify losing a whole days money for one hours photography money.

Hate letting people down but had no choice! It’s not something that you ever plan to do, but I’m hoping the customer will stay with me for the other work i do for them.

What I have been doing more of lately is giving camera/photography advice, I’ve had a few people recently getting in touch with questions related to what I use, how I shoot & edit.

I have to take this as a massive compliment and although I don’t consider myself as an educator I’ve relished the opportunity to help and work with others.

Most of the time it’s been a quick chat about setting but sometimes a quick chat elevates into me going off for 4hours, like minded people talking about a creative passion plus the fact I’m a geek can add up to a long night!

Don’t believe that this side of things will develop into a product that Rainywood offers, like froknowsphoto.com whom I have learned so much from, as I never went uni to do photography or had any formal training people like Jared Polin who offer the chance to learn in an open an fun way are invaluable.

Think I will add a uni to my profile, The International University of YouTube and Google. Don’t know if I’ll ever get a certificate for this though!

Cheers. Woody

It’s been almost a month since I started to make the changes to the website, things are now starting to take shape.

Wise words that I try to live my life by.

Really happy that I went with WordPress as the ease of use is great and the customer service is fantastic. It’s not an automated service, you can talk to a person who gets what I’m trying to achieve, that’s how I hope I come across with Rainywood, understanding the customer.


Starting to build the galleries now to give you something to see while your on the site I think this helps on a photography website and I’m hoping this blog is holding the interest of at least some people.

I do try to write the blog as much as possible but please understand I’m not a writer, I’m trying my best to learn and I am enjoying it but sometimes I struggle with what to write. I don’t want to add posts just for the sake of it, I try to add posts with some value and hopefully at least a little interesting.

It sometimes reminds me of being back at school when you where told to write a diary and ended up with…………..

  • woke up
  • had frosties for breakfast
  • went to school
  • came home
  • watched telly
  • had tea
  • played out with Danny
  • came home
  • went to bed

Really hope that I’ve got passed that, I haven’t even seen Danny in years!

I would welcome any feedback especially in regards to the blog, would love to know what you think, good or bad honest I won’t cry or sue.

I’ll try my best to make the next  posting more about photography, its either that or more about Danny and our Star Wars collection.

Cheers, Woody

My wife often says I’ve only got patience for photography and is often confused when I’ll spend an age getting one photo but i get crabby if the line is too long or more than one person in front of me when shopping in Tesco!

Available at http://www.ipswichrugby.com/shop

I don’t think it’s a bad thing I just care about my results, more so since I started Rainywood, when it was just snapshots for myself it was fine, just shoot what I like and if the results are nothing special it didn’t matter.
Now however every shot I take I have to think a potential customer is looking at it to judge my work and decide if they think my services are worth using, but you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive.
There are so many photographers working now that the choice is firmly with the customer which has to be a good thing as I believe the good and great photographer’s will work harder to keep on top of the game, that’s what u am aiming to do, keep trying to improve and make the product I offer the best it can be.
I proved this to myself recently when I was asked to shoot the 2017 calendar for Ipswich Rugby Club, I had been given the job last year and when I’d finished this year’s shoot and editing I noticed a massive improvement in my own pictures, I still happy with the 2016 calendar but in my opinion the 2017 version smashed it.
You can pick up a copy at The Ipswich Rugby Club or visit www.ipswichrugby.com/shop, it’s a bargain and the money goes back to the club.
Getting asked to repeat a job is a massive compliment like with the calendar, I’ve also had it with the Ipswich Cardinals American Football teams programme cover and The England Handball Finals at The Copper Box, hoping for all next year too, it’s harder to get repeat wedding work without wishing for divorce! As all of my couple’s have been great I’m not hoping for it.
Cheers Woody

It was this week one year ago that the final of The Rugby World Cup took place, it marked the end of a great adventure for me.

Some shots from finals day

I was working on behalf of a New Zealand photographer friend of mine (Dave Lintott) who lucky for me couldn’t make it over for the tournament & I was more than happy to try & fill his shoes.

It was my biggest & best learning experience to date, alot of what I thought I knew was wrong.

Preconceived ideas about how press photographers worked & treated each other was probably my first lesson, as almost everyone I met was willing to help, guide & encourage. There was no paparazzi style pushing & shoving, everyone was there to do a job & let you do yours.

The first session I was feeling like a kid at school on his first day but with the help of the guys on site, the media staff & encouragement from New Zealand via email I soon settled in.

I had 17 games to cover throughout the competition & enjoyed them all, even if it was England’s worst result in the RWC.

I did go in a little naive, as my belief was that if I sold a single shot I would have reached a personal goal, however the number of photographers for so many different newspapers, websites and companies soon brought me crashing back to reality & I realised the dream of getting a shot in the Times was roughly zero, I believe 1 or 2 did sell in New Zealand through Dave which made me feel a little better although I’ll have to wait to make my fortune with my camera.

Thanks to Canon Professional Services I could loan plenty of kit, like the 1DX and the 600mm prime, both of which were fantastic.

Given the chance again I would jump at the opportunity to work like that again & it is the end goal, as sports photography is my major passion.

I have however let things slide this last year & I need to get everything back on track in 2017, time for a major push.

I will endeavour to keep you posted in the blog so please follow along.

Cheers Woody


Last week I was off from my day job, a chance to catch up on some editing and make a start on this, the new website, I also drank a lot of coffee, that’s what happens when I have a kettle nearby instead of just the flask.

But now sadly back at work, chained to the job once again but it does give you that extra incentive to push harder for the things you want, so I’m planning to push harder than ever with Rainywood now to make this mad idea I had to start a business happen.

I don’t own rose tinted glasses, so fully aware that things aren’t happening over night and it will take hard work but I must keep pushing.

Feel free to spread the word about Rainywood though as I’ll need all the help I can get.

Talking of help! Just to remind anyone who is thinking of booking a photographer, keep them up to date.

Twice this year I’ve contacted wedding client’s to arrange the first meetings only to be told that they are no longer together & the wedding is off, it’s not that I’m upset about losing the job, it’s not even that you feel sorry for the ex couple…… it’s that you can’t help but feel like a complete idiot!

So please help your photographer out by keeping them in the loop,ta.


No time like the present!

I knew it wouldn’t be an easy transition recreating my website, however easy WordPress makes it.

I maybe being over fussy but I have an idea what I want, it’s just getting everything up and published is taking longer than I thought it would.

So please bear with me the process is in hand, now just have to spread the word that the old site is being dropped for the new .com version.

Guess this post is the start of that, time to spread the word, no time like the present, even if it’s not 100% ready.

Things don’t change over night and as long as I accept that I hopefully won’t go too mad.

I can’t rely on luck so I guess I need to put the hard work in now and then hopefully/eventually start to reap the rewards.

Cheers Woody