Had my first grown up exhibition at the weekend, I was very happy with the result’s.

I was running it in tandem with Felixstowe’s “Art on the Prom” event. This draws massive crowds, I’m under no illusions that’s I dragged them all into The Grand to see my work but I did get some attention, and I was more than happy with the foot fall through the pub.

After so much work went into the event I was more than happy to get people in and at least talking with me about my work.

I had a good number of large canvases up, quite a few from my time at the rugby world cup and some which I considered to be more “arty” to gel with the event.

I also presented a selection of 7×5’s  for everyone to browse through and maybe buy, everything was for sale and some items went.

I’ve now put the remainder of the canvases up for sale on the fb page (search rainywoodphoto) so hopefully they’ll also sell at some point, but once again patience is a wonderful thing.

It’s definitely an experience I’m going to repeat, just don’t know where or when as yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

Just before the exhibition I delivered a very large stack of photos to Ipswich Swimming Club, this was also a great experience, doing all of there head shots and some promo work too.

Hopefully it’s a relationship that will continue to grow, it’s already heading in the right direction as I’m shooting the club championships for them, something I’m really looking forward too.

In other news I’m getting my first break in a while, I’ll leave it till I’m back before I report but I’m going to shoot alot of street photography as well as work on my landscapes and underwater images, wish me luck.

Cheers Woody

I generally tend to write the blog on a Thursday evening, it’s not a rule it’s just something that has developed that way. I feel though that I’m maybe lacking a little content and size to my posts, so this week I’m trying something a little different. Let’s see how this goes.

I’ve been given a new camera too, it’s my first Olympus, looking forward to cleaning this one up, hopefully there’s a film in there to get developed, Kodak film is fire resistant…… Right?

I’m starting this post on the Friday morning just after I posted the last piece, I’m going to take the week and aim for another Thursday pm release, I’ll just write when the mood takes me or there is something I feel I need to say, I really hope this isn’t too much of a ramble but I guess there’s only one way to find out.

I’ve been busy of late and haven’t updated the site in a while, there has been weddings and a fair chunk of portrait work recently and it all needs to get represented on here. I know it’s just housekeeping but it needs to be done, I must not get too behind.

I try to keep the blog flowing and keep that fresh I just need to do the same with my content, besides brides will get upset if they can’t show off their dresses on line, I hope they do anyway, now the tech is there use it people!

Even after that little moan at myself for getting behind, I’m making even more of a rod for my own back this weekend, I’m shooting football on Sunday morning which is a real break from the norm for me, as its normally only contact sports I like to shoot and I know next to nothing about football which will add to the challenge as not knowing where the play is heading will be hard, but I’m told footballs not that tricky so I’m not too worried! Also a change is as good as a rest, I guess.

Later on in the afternoon I have to shoot a portrait session for an awesome family. Number one son has just passed out with the Army and they would like some photographs to remember the occasion, perfectly understandable. Family in there best bib & tucker with him in his number ones, should be a great shoot, hopefully.

Everything as it turns out was great with both shoots on Sunday, the footie shots are up at http://www.facebook.com/rainywoodphoto already and i’ve now got to start work on the portraits too, before next weekend when there’s another family to shoot.

Meanwhile I’m just sorting the shots for Ipswich Swimming Club ready to goto the printers as well as my shots for the “Pics in the Pub” exhibition!

I’m looking forward to mass reactions from both jobs, fingers crossed the reactions will be positive!

I’ve seen a couple of phone photos that the printers have sent me of my “Pics in the Pub” canvases, for want of a better description they are awesome!

I’ve since picked them up, just goto hang them Sunday morning, it’s all very scary! Equally I can’t wait, I hope to see you there!

Cheers Woody

The new camera club I mentioned that I was helping out has its own Facebook page now. Captured Moments Photographic Club (@capturedmopho) has been born, just got to convince all the members to get ok fb now!

Going to be used mainly for a space for the club to share it’s work, have discussions etc, we are also leaving it as an open page for others to join in with us by joining in with chats, posting there own work and maybe offering some constructive criticism.

As long as it stays fair and non abusive, I’ll be happy, the group are amateurs but very keen to learn and we can only do so much without the help of others, so offering a fresh view and a differing opinion can only be a good thing, right?

In the club we are going back to basics and at present still looking at exposure, think it’s good for me too, running over the process again.

I’ll keep posting up dates on the blog, in the meantime please check out the FB page.

In other news, I’m looking forward to having me first exhibition, it’s happening at The Grand in Felixstowe (@thegrandfelixstowe) on the 3rd of September from 10 till 4 as part of ” Art on the Prom” we’re calling it PICS IN THE PUB!

Please come and give it a look if your close, there will be prints and canvases available to buy.

Hope to see you there

Cheers Woody