If you’ve had a look round the website, read the blog before or know me, you’ll know I’m a massive Rugby fan.
However much of a fan I am, after applying for every England home game since the RWC 2015 and getting rejection emails for every England home game since the RWC 2015 I’d fell out of love a little with shooting the greatest game on earth.
To be honest last year I hardly shot sport at all, I’d convinced myself I was far too busy with weddings and all that to shoot, I was making excuses that I did not need to make!
Please don’t get me wrong I enjoy weddings and portraiture so much and I’d be a complete fool to dismiss it, after all its what makes Rainywood work, I’ve made very little money from sports photography but I’ve funded all my kit from weddings and portraits (although a lottery win or a rich backer still wouldn’t go amiss).
Recently however I was invited to return to my old club as they were after some (I hope) quality photos, not pulled form Facebook.
I of course obliged and went to shoot a Pre-season game between Ipswich RFC & Thetford, it was a slightly one sided affair in favour of Ipswich, but I must admit that I loved every single minute of being back shooting what I truly truly love.
I think this is one thing that has recently re-ignited my passion for the sports, the boxing a few months ago, and being asked to shoot for Team Ipswich Swimming again, for there head shots and team shots is a massive honor.
So hopefully it’s the start of things to come and once again I’ll hopefully get better and stronger as a photographer.
In the meantime I needed a break, so did my ever hard working wife, so luckily and last minute (ish) the wife sorted us a fantastic holiday away in Cyprus.

Hence I am writing this at 02:20 on an EasyJet flight back to Gatwick, it has been an awesome time, plenty of swimming the the beautiful blue and warm Mediterranean Sea, eating amazing local food, the beers not too bad either and generally recharging our batteries.

…………. “Then there was a short space of time when I forgot to finish this post”………….
Back now and fully recharged I can restart, last weekend was great and what I’m going to call a hash tag weekend as I got my Holy trinity in #bridesballersandbeyond with a wedding on the Friday, family shoot and a game of rugby on the Sunday….
Happy happy days!
I love what I do!
This weekend I’m stating a personal project, as I’ve got so much time on my hands, been toying with it for about a year and now is the time to get the wheels in motion.
I’m sure I’ll make a decision about a name for it soon, but at the moment it’s a work in progress, thinking….
  1. Other Art
  2. Art, Happening
  3. Art! In Motion
  4. Art Flow
Still undecided, so I’ll accept feedback for this or anything.

OK so like many others I missed January, don’t like it, it’s a horrible month if anyone can explain why I’d really like to know.

Everything else has all been good, regular editing jobs have been keeping me on track, just need to reboot the website again, it could do with another freshen up.
The extra inspiration to do this is I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to help Sarah(sister-in-law) to start building her website.
It’s great to be able to help someone else out, I’m far from an expert but I think I know enough to get the ball rolling for her, its also a good reason to get another shoot in, planning on creating a photo story for her so Sarah can get some quality images on her new website, it’s booked in for a couple of weeks time and I’ll share how it went on here.
Keep an eye out for her hash tag……..
I’ve also had the chance recently to help out a friend with his lightroom work flow, with a few pointers and tips, I think it helped and his new edits have looked awesome.
Really enjoy this kind of thing, not going to make it out to be something its not, so I won’t say teaching….. more like guiding/helping out but I do like having the opportunity to share the little knowledge I have.
Others have taught me, via books, websites, YouTube etc etc and it’s only right I pass it on where and when I can.

On a selfish note I have a sale on for the remaining canvas prints from last year’s exhibition, search rainywoodphoto on Facebook(or just tap the pictures) to see what have 15% off.

That’s all I have for now, so thanks for having a look.
Cheers Woody

Thanks 2017, you’ve been ok………. Not great just ok, photo wise the last third pretty much sucked! However I continue to love what I do and the customer base I have.

I’m not one for new years resolutions but the end of the year does seem like a good time to reboot, so that’s what I’m planning to do and as 2018 brings up my 5 year anniversary of Rainywood I think it’s time to get serious.
Not everything is planned out or mapped but I’m determined to turn things around this year, there’s a few more wedding bookings than I’ve had in a while so that’s a positive to start. I also have a new personal project planned which will hopefully be a success and maybe a second exhibition, watch this space.

I haven’t written a blog post in a while either, because of the funk I’ve found myself in, I didn’t feel like I had alot to write about, so before I started this post I had a little look back over some of my previous rants……. The Conclusion is I windge and moan far too much. So let’s also make this the start of things to come and I’ll endeavour to keep things on the lighter side.
I don’t have a huge following on my blog and it’s not going to change if I carry on being negative is it? So I’ll apologise now for being grumpy up to now but also a massive thank you to those that have stuck with things and continue to read along, feel free to remind me of this post in the future if I have a relapse.
As I said earlier it’s the fifth year of Rainywood and it reminds me of when I made the push to get the business started, I was cleaning/painting container roofs in a storage lockup with my friend/nephew Callum and we were discussing the idea of starting things, I vividly remember saying to him “I can give it 5 years and see how it goes, if it doesn’t work I can just call it a day” not everything I wanted to happen I the past 5 years has come true, but alot more than I expected has, my point is I’m carrying on with more energy than ever, the only person that can make this happen is me and the only person that can make it fail is me so it’s time to pull up the socks and work a lot harder.

My main shooting aim this next year will be sports as I’ve been slacking off with it a little, my main business aim will be printing and getting my work out there for people, watching people’s face light up when they receive a photograph is a highlight for me, I love showing work digitally but a photograph someone can hold, show off and hang on a wall holds an extra magic for me and I think for my customers too.
So it’s with this post that I move forward all that’s left is for me to say a happy holiday and a fantastic new year to all my customers new and old, friends and family.
Thanks one and all.


The new camera club I mentioned that I was helping out has its own Facebook page now. Captured Moments Photographic Club (@capturedmopho) has been born, just got to convince all the members to get ok fb now!

Going to be used mainly for a space for the club to share it’s work, have discussions etc, we are also leaving it as an open page for others to join in with us by joining in with chats, posting there own work and maybe offering some constructive criticism.

As long as it stays fair and non abusive, I’ll be happy, the group are amateurs but very keen to learn and we can only do so much without the help of others, so offering a fresh view and a differing opinion can only be a good thing, right?

In the club we are going back to basics and at present still looking at exposure, think it’s good for me too, running over the process again.

I’ll keep posting up dates on the blog, in the meantime please check out the FB page.

In other news, I’m looking forward to having me first exhibition, it’s happening at The Grand in Felixstowe (@thegrandfelixstowe) on the 3rd of September from 10 till 4 as part of ” Art on the Prom” we’re calling it PICS IN THE PUB!

Please come and give it a look if your close, there will be prints and canvases available to buy.

Hope to see you there

Cheers Woody