First Wedding of the 2018 season for me this weekend and I’m a little excited.

I’m really looking forward to the first Wedding of the year on Saturday, it’s at the very beautiful Woolverstone Hall just outside Ipswich.
It’s a private school in fantastic grounds and all the buildings are stunning. Another reason to get excited is from what I’m told the entertainment will be second to none, all I can say at the moment is that the bride is Scottish and some things may be themed!
Sadly no haggis for the wedding breakfast though which is a shame as I’m a bit of a fan!
Another recent treat has been getting a mention on someone else’s website, it belongs to one of my future brides who’s getting married in August this year, she’s been writing a blog for a while covering, the birth of her baby girl, her fitness routine and her future wedding.
Please check it out at

In other news I recently shot @knightsbball09 in there last regular season game of the year, the photos are on the fb page.

Just last week I also shot @shaneandthekorrados at @thegrandfelixstowe it was an awesome gig, so much so that I didn’t shoot as much as normal because I was enjoying the show, photos to follow in the next blog.

That’s all for now as I have more wedding prep to do.
Cheers Woody

OK so like many others I missed January, don’t like it, it’s a horrible month if anyone can explain why I’d really like to know.

Everything else has all been good, regular editing jobs have been keeping me on track, just need to reboot the website again, it could do with another freshen up.
The extra inspiration to do this is I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to help Sarah(sister-in-law) to start building her website.
It’s great to be able to help someone else out, I’m far from an expert but I think I know enough to get the ball rolling for her, its also a good reason to get another shoot in, planning on creating a photo story for her so Sarah can get some quality images on her new website, it’s booked in for a couple of weeks time and I’ll share how it went on here.
Keep an eye out for her hash tag……..
I’ve also had the chance recently to help out a friend with his lightroom work flow, with a few pointers and tips, I think it helped and his new edits have looked awesome.
Really enjoy this kind of thing, not going to make it out to be something its not, so I won’t say teaching….. more like guiding/helping out but I do like having the opportunity to share the little knowledge I have.
Others have taught me, via books, websites, YouTube etc etc and it’s only right I pass it on where and when I can.

On a selfish note I have a sale on for the remaining canvas prints from last year’s exhibition, search rainywoodphoto on Facebook(or just tap the pictures) to see what have 15% off.

That’s all I have for now, so thanks for having a look.
Cheers Woody

It’s another wedding week and that puts a smile on my face which I’m told is a good thing.

Still finishing off editing the last wedding though and that takes the smile back off again, I have no problem doing the editing in fact I enjoy it, it’s just I’m a little behind where I wanted to be a this week and that’s not a good thing.

I do try not to make promises with my delivery times, but I certainly do set targets and dropping behind those targets can be frustrating. I have been so lucky so far with all my customers, as none of yet have been pushy or hassled me in any way to get there photographs quicker.

After this weeks wedding I will have twice as much post shoot work to do, as I have a second shooter with me and I’ll be editing all of her work too, luckily she also shoots with a canon so it won’t be too tricky, but I need the editing style to match up.

My second shooters name is Amber Partridge (@amberpartridge) and she is awesome, we worked together on the mad hatter’s tea party I did for the WI, I am a fan of her work so when she asked if she could help out on a wedding to see if it’s something she would like to pursue in the future, I jumped at the opportunity to have her with me.

Her portrait work it’s really strong and very candid, which I love & I think our styles do compliment each other, I think she will have no problems in the wedding environment once she finds her feet and knowing her that will not take long.

I’m not saying in anyway that I’m an expert or a teacher, but it does feel great to be able to try and help someone on there way to what will hopefully be in some way a career, although I didn’t second shoot for anybody I did have a load of help and inspiration when I started and these guys continue to inspire me now.

Tony Bell (@tonybellphotography) who used to shoot basketball regularly when my son started playing, gave me a load of advice in the early days of Rainywood, his work continues to be outstanding, he now works The Grapevine Magazine (@grapevinelive), mainly shooting live bands at which he is also great.

Lee Thornberry (@mr_thotnberry) landscapes are a thing of beauty, I promise his work will blow you away, what he says about his work will also put a smile on your face.

Please check these gents out and say I sent you they are both awesome!

Cheers Woody