Once again its been far too long, so let’s have a good old catch up…..
I’m still unable to post shots from my last wedding, they are all ready to go, but I haven’t been able to deliver them.

In a shocking twist, The Bride asked me to wait as both The Bride and Groom have been busy, it’s just a weird experience to be asked to wait, it does make me more excited for the unveiling though, or maybe nervous?
Can’t wait to show off the images to them, hopefully this Saturday and once I have I’ll share some here too.
Last week I also had a shooting first as I shot my first Cake Smash session with young Jaxon to celebrate his up and coming first birthday, I had great fun, i think I enjoyed it even more than Jaxon did, eating cake off my lens hood was a particular highlight and definitely a first!

Thanks to Ellie for the photo. Fingers crossed for getting more as I’m a fan of cake!
After a quiet year shooting sports (all my own fault) last week I had two jobs and they were both football! Anyone who knows me knows that’s unusual as I’m not a massive football fan, but I really enjoyed both games.
The first was a local cup final between Trimley Red Devils and Framlingham. (both reserve sides)


ramlingham won 1-0 at Woodbridge FC, it was an evening game so I was battling with the light through the game as the sun set, good practice and a little reassuring that I can still cope with tweeking those settings during a 90 minute game.

The second game was an academy game between Ipswich Town and Tottenham at Portman Road which is far from the grass roots of Woodbridge but just as enjoyable.
As it was an under 15/16s game I have to keep the main match photos in a locked file, still a relationship I’m hoping to develop with Ipswich Academy and I look forward to shooting them more next season.


n other sporting news I’ll be ticking another box this weekend as I’m finally getting around to shooting a boxing event.

I can not wait for this, I’ve always been a boxing fan and since I’ve had Rainywood I’ve wanted to shoot a fight but it’s proved tricky to get access until now, it’s also a chance to emulate one of my photography hero’s Mr Neil Liefer, I’d take 1% of his skill, fingers crossed hey!
That’s about all for this post I’ll share out some boxing photos next time, hopefully I’ll have a selling option on the site soon making buying prints more accessable and maybe some merchandise as well.

Chelsea Flower Show next week too, exciting times ahead!
I’ll keep you posted.
Cheers Woody

First Wedding of the 2018 season for me this weekend and I’m a little excited.

I’m really looking forward to the first Wedding of the year on Saturday, it’s at the very beautiful Woolverstone Hall just outside Ipswich. www.woolverstonehall.co.uk
It’s a private school in fantastic grounds and all the buildings are stunning. Another reason to get excited is from what I’m told the entertainment will be second to none, all I can say at the moment is that the bride is Scottish and some things may be themed!
Sadly no haggis for the wedding breakfast though which is a shame as I’m a bit of a fan!
Another recent treat has been getting a mention on someone else’s website, it belongs to one of my future brides who’s getting married in August this year, she’s been writing a blog for a while covering, the birth of her baby girl, her fitness routine and her future wedding.
Please check it out at www.rhirhisworld.com

In other news I recently shot @knightsbball09 in there last regular season game of the year, the photos are on the fb page.

Just last week I also shot @shaneandthekorrados at @thegrandfelixstowe it was an awesome gig, so much so that I didn’t shoot as much as normal because I was enjoying the show, photos to follow in the next blog.

That’s all for now as I have more wedding prep to do.
Cheers Woody

I’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline at the moment, which is always a good thing, projects ticking over equals happy Woody.
Recently I got approved to shoot at http://www.rhs.org.uk The Chelsea Flower Show, I’m shooting for an amazing artist http://www.laurajaynefisk.co.uk who creates beautiful pencil drawings of animals.

Laura also has her artwork printed onto various products from coasters to watering cans and defusers. Laura has secured a stand at Chelsea and will be selling lots of products, she has kindly asked me to shoot for her on “press day” so I will have to be on my A-game and get plenty of photos she can be proud of.
Chelsea has always been on my bucket list, so to be able to go on “press day” is a huge privilege, hopefully I’ll be able to do some shooting for myself once I’ve done what needs to be done for Laura, check out her FB page too if you can’t get to Chelsea and would like to see her work www.facebook.com/laurajaynefisk

While your on Facebook looking at Laura’s page please check out an event that is very close to my heart, http://www.facebook.com/events/523400228040017/?ti=cl is the place to visit to see everything that’s going to be happening at “Jamie’s SSAFA Fun Day” which is being held at Wickham Market Primary School on the 2nd of June from midday.

There is loads going on and all for an amazing charity, please support this event, I’ll be there shooting the event on behalf of Jamie so please come and say hi to us both! One of my canvas prints is in the raffle, so that’s a good reason to get a ticket!
So have a look at the page to read the full story of why this awesome young man is working so hard for his chosen charity.
As well as writing this blog I’ve had a little tweek of the site too, changing the look and style just a little, please let us know any feedback you have I’d love to get your opinion and thoughts.

Everything you can tell me will hopefully help me improve the site and I’m always open to criticism, good or bad.
As always thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve got something from it, I’ll hopefully see you on the 2nd of June.
Cheers Woody

So it’s been an interesting few weeks, been keeping myself busy with plenty of work.
I’ve had some great bookings for weddings too, one for February next year, nothing special there I know but with the weather we’ve had this year it could very well be a white wedding, which would be awesome providing everyone(especially the Bride & Groom) can get there.
Booked my first for 2020 too, which is great, nothing like being prepared and with my first of this year coming at the start of next month it’s exciting times.
I’m still amazed that I shoot weddings and love it so much, was never meant to happen but that’s the joy of the job, it’s what keeps it fresh trying new things and taking chances.
I also happened last week when I got to shoot for the guys at Circus of Horrors (shots in this blog).
The guys were fantastic and looked after me really well, it was so nice to get a yes when I asked to shoot, anyone who’s read my blogs before will know that I’m no stranger to rejection, especially with shows namely the ballet(still desperate to shoot one), so getting a “yeah, of course you can” from an out of the blue email was music to my ears.
Hopefully more will follow but I’m nothing is given so more emails are due to be sent and I must remember to not hold my breath just in case it’s a while away!
Just a short one this time so thanks for reading as always.



OK so like many others I missed January, don’t like it, it’s a horrible month if anyone can explain why I’d really like to know.

Everything else has all been good, regular editing jobs have been keeping me on track, just need to reboot the website again, it could do with another freshen up.
The extra inspiration to do this is I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to help Sarah(sister-in-law) to start building her website.
It’s great to be able to help someone else out, I’m far from an expert but I think I know enough to get the ball rolling for her, its also a good reason to get another shoot in, planning on creating a photo story for her so Sarah can get some quality images on her new website, it’s booked in for a couple of weeks time and I’ll share how it went on here.
Keep an eye out for her hash tag……..
I’ve also had the chance recently to help out a friend with his lightroom work flow, with a few pointers and tips, I think it helped and his new edits have looked awesome.
Really enjoy this kind of thing, not going to make it out to be something its not, so I won’t say teaching….. more like guiding/helping out but I do like having the opportunity to share the little knowledge I have.
Others have taught me, via books, websites, YouTube etc etc and it’s only right I pass it on where and when I can.

On a selfish note I have a sale on for the remaining canvas prints from last year’s exhibition, search rainywoodphoto on Facebook(or just tap the pictures) to see what have 15% off.

That’s all I have for now, so thanks for having a look.
Cheers Woody

Thanks 2017, you’ve been ok………. Not great just ok, photo wise the last third pretty much sucked! However I continue to love what I do and the customer base I have.

I’m not one for new years resolutions but the end of the year does seem like a good time to reboot, so that’s what I’m planning to do and as 2018 brings up my 5 year anniversary of Rainywood I think it’s time to get serious.
Not everything is planned out or mapped but I’m determined to turn things around this year, there’s a few more wedding bookings than I’ve had in a while so that’s a positive to start. I also have a new personal project planned which will hopefully be a success and maybe a second exhibition, watch this space.

I haven’t written a blog post in a while either, because of the funk I’ve found myself in, I didn’t feel like I had alot to write about, so before I started this post I had a little look back over some of my previous rants……. The Conclusion is I windge and moan far too much. So let’s also make this the start of things to come and I’ll endeavour to keep things on the lighter side.
I don’t have a huge following on my blog and it’s not going to change if I carry on being negative is it? So I’ll apologise now for being grumpy up to now but also a massive thank you to those that have stuck with things and continue to read along, feel free to remind me of this post in the future if I have a relapse.
As I said earlier it’s the fifth year of Rainywood and it reminds me of when I made the push to get the business started, I was cleaning/painting container roofs in a storage lockup with my friend/nephew Callum and we were discussing the idea of starting things, I vividly remember saying to him “I can give it 5 years and see how it goes, if it doesn’t work I can just call it a day” not everything I wanted to happen I the past 5 years has come true, but alot more than I expected has, my point is I’m carrying on with more energy than ever, the only person that can make this happen is me and the only person that can make it fail is me so it’s time to pull up the socks and work a lot harder.

My main shooting aim this next year will be sports as I’ve been slacking off with it a little, my main business aim will be printing and getting my work out there for people, watching people’s face light up when they receive a photograph is a highlight for me, I love showing work digitally but a photograph someone can hold, show off and hang on a wall holds an extra magic for me and I think for my customers too.
So it’s with this post that I move forward all that’s left is for me to say a happy holiday and a fantastic new year to all my customers new and old, friends and family.
Thanks one and all.


This was going to be my latest blog post……………..

“Back from my holiday and I’m pleased to report I had a lovely time doing not a whole lot, apart from eating amazing Italian food, swimming and taking photos.

Crashed back to reality in a fantastic way, with a whole load of editing to do, embrace the busy Woody it’s for your own good! 

I do need to have a massive clean up of both my office space as well as my storage, my work space is a mess and it’s becoming a distraction and can’t be good for me, it’s not like I don’t know where everything is, it’s just it has more stuff on top of it! 

Spring is going to come early for me on the cleaning front anyway, as soon as I’ve got some spare time anyway. 

I need to sort my storage too, when everything has calmed down I’m need to rearrange my files and catalogue them a little better especially my earlier work, I have files everywhere!”

This all sounds really impressive but I’ve been back for a few weeks now and if the truth be known I’m really struggling, I can’t seam to get my act together, I’m having no problems shooting it’s just sitting down and doing editing or anything else for that matter! 

I know what needs doing and I have a massive list, just can’t find the motivation. 

It’s now honestly starting to worry me, I’m hoping it’s just a funk and I’ll soon find my rhythm once again. 

I need a kick up the arse, so if anyone has a good size 12 that they can swing I’d appreciate it! Don’t want to have to resort to the Instagram posts that fill my page! 

Here’s hoping reading this back in the cold light of day will be enough! 

Cheers Woody

I’ve only had the good version so far so I can still say I love it!

It’s even better that it’s the third year on the trot that I’ve managed it, probably not that hard considering the photos are of their child, but it still makes me happy when the tears start. 

It’s also the closest thing I have to a proper ongoing project, as I’m booked in till Robyn’s 21st, it’s going to be least another eighteen years, it’s always good to have something to look forward to I guess and I do as shooting and delivering for these guys is a joy.

I do however want to start a personal project, it’s just a question of what to shoot, I don’t want to rip anyone off or be judged against any of my friends, like I would have been if I’d have gone with my first thought of shooting the churches in Suffolk, my friend and inspiration Lee Thornberry shoots alot of churches, all be it all over the country. 

I like his work far to much to try and compete, even if the competition is only in my head, which I think all photographers will agree thats where most of the competition and negative thoughts live.

We must remember to keep them there too, if they got out I’d never work again, considering how happy I am with customers crying, I don’t know how if deal with masses of negative feedback, I welcome some but who know how they’d react.

That’s what I find interesting about the up and coming exhibition at The Grand, have to wait and see what responses I get to my work.

The printing process has started so there is definitely no going back now, still have to plan out where to hang the work, I’m aiming for the walls, but not making any promises just yet.

Sticking with shots from The Rugby World Cup and also some “arty” images to go with the Art on the Prom” collaboration, the only disappointment is that it’s only a one day event, so mine is probably the shortest running exhibition in photographic history!

I am massively looking forward to it though. Roll on the next one maybe it’ll be a little longer running and feature my next project?

Just got to sort one out.

Cheers Woody