Walking in a winter wonderland 

It’s the 1st of December, that signals some changes, firstly I’ll be getting some new socks in about 24 days and it’s getting frosty!


Secondly it’s almost the new year, that time when everyone gives themselves false hope about the new diet or getting a six-pack. I’ve never been one for new years resolutions for that reason, by the 10th of January I’ve normally eaten too much, given up on the diet and decided that I’m better off cuddly!

I am however going to continue to improve my craft as much as I can, by continuing to learn, grow myself as a photographer and the business by hopefully reaching as many new customers as possible. That is a promise to myself.

The third important thing about today is that the new website is properly live, I’m aware if your reading this you probably know that but hey I’m a proud man so I’m going to mention it.

I will continue to add content to the site both photograph’s and of course blog posts so hopefully it will continue to grow but I need you guys to like/share to help me spread the word about Rainywood, it’ll only happen with your help, so many thanks in advance.

In the meantime I hope we can all look forward to the holidays, I’ll post some Christmas lists for you and me in the next post.

Cheers Woody

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