The new camera club I mentioned that I was helping out has its own Facebook page now. Captured Moments Photographic Club (@capturedmopho) has been born, just got to convince all the members to get ok fb now!

Going to be used mainly for a space for the club to share it’s work, have discussions etc, we are also leaving it as an open page for others to join in with us by joining in with chats, posting there own work and maybe offering some constructive criticism.

As long as it stays fair and non abusive, I’ll be happy, the group are amateurs but very keen to learn and we can only do so much without the help of others, so offering a fresh view and a differing opinion can only be a good thing, right?

In the club we are going back to basics and at present still looking at exposure, think it’s good for me too, running over the process again.

I’ll keep posting up dates on the blog, in the meantime please check out the FB page.

In other news, I’m looking forward to having me first exhibition, it’s happening at The Grand in Felixstowe (@thegrandfelixstowe) on the 3rd of September from 10 till 4 as part of ” Art on the Prom” we’re calling it PICS IN THE PUB!

Please come and give it a look if your close, there will be prints and canvases available to buy.

Hope to see you there

Cheers Woody

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