Had my first grown up exhibition at the weekend, I was very happy with the result’s.

I was running it in tandem with Felixstowe’s “Art on the Prom” event. This draws massive crowds, I’m under no illusions that’s I dragged them all into The Grand to see my work but I did get some attention, and I was more than happy with the foot fall through the pub.

After so much work went into the event I was more than happy to get people in and at least talking with me about my work.

I had a good number of large canvases up, quite a few from my time at the rugby world cup and some which I considered to be more “arty” to gel with the event.

I also presented a selection of 7×5’s  for everyone to browse through and maybe buy, everything was for sale and some items went.

I’ve now put the remainder of the canvases up for sale on the fb page (search rainywoodphoto) so hopefully they’ll also sell at some point, but once again patience is a wonderful thing.

It’s definitely an experience I’m going to repeat, just don’t know where or when as yet, but I’ll keep everyone posted.

Just before the exhibition I delivered a very large stack of photos to Ipswich Swimming Club, this was also a great experience, doing all of there head shots and some promo work too.

Hopefully it’s a relationship that will continue to grow, it’s already heading in the right direction as I’m shooting the club championships for them, something I’m really looking forward too.

In other news I’m getting my first break in a while, I’ll leave it till I’m back before I report but I’m going to shoot alot of street photography as well as work on my landscapes and underwater images, wish me luck.

Cheers Woody

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