This was going to be my latest blog post……………..

“Back from my holiday and I’m pleased to report I had a lovely time doing not a whole lot, apart from eating amazing Italian food, swimming and taking photos.

Crashed back to reality in a fantastic way, with a whole load of editing to do, embrace the busy Woody it’s for your own good! 

I do need to have a massive clean up of both my office space as well as my storage, my work space is a mess and it’s becoming a distraction and can’t be good for me, it’s not like I don’t know where everything is, it’s just it has more stuff on top of it! 

Spring is going to come early for me on the cleaning front anyway, as soon as I’ve got some spare time anyway. 

I need to sort my storage too, when everything has calmed down I’m need to rearrange my files and catalogue them a little better especially my earlier work, I have files everywhere!”

This all sounds really impressive but I’ve been back for a few weeks now and if the truth be known I’m really struggling, I can’t seam to get my act together, I’m having no problems shooting it’s just sitting down and doing editing or anything else for that matter! 

I know what needs doing and I have a massive list, just can’t find the motivation. 

It’s now honestly starting to worry me, I’m hoping it’s just a funk and I’ll soon find my rhythm once again. 

I need a kick up the arse, so if anyone has a good size 12 that they can swing I’d appreciate it! Don’t want to have to resort to the Instagram posts that fill my page! 

Here’s hoping reading this back in the cold light of day will be enough! 

Cheers Woody

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