Exciting Times…..

Once again its been far too long, so let’s have a good old catch up…..
I’m still unable to post shots from my last wedding, they are all ready to go, but I haven’t been able to deliver them.

In a shocking twist, The Bride asked me to wait as both The Bride and Groom have been busy, it’s just a weird experience to be asked to wait, it does make me more excited for the unveiling though, or maybe nervous?
Can’t wait to show off the images to them, hopefully this Saturday and once I have I’ll share some here too.
Last week I also had a shooting first as I shot my first Cake Smash session with young Jaxon to celebrate his up and coming first birthday, I had great fun, i think I enjoyed it even more than Jaxon did, eating cake off my lens hood was a particular highlight and definitely a first!

Thanks to Ellie for the photo. Fingers crossed for getting more as I’m a fan of cake!
After a quiet year shooting sports (all my own fault) last week I had two jobs and they were both football! Anyone who knows me knows that’s unusual as I’m not a massive football fan, but I really enjoyed both games.
The first was a local cup final between Trimley Red Devils and Framlingham. (both reserve sides)


ramlingham won 1-0 at Woodbridge FC, it was an evening game so I was battling with the light through the game as the sun set, good practice and a little reassuring that I can still cope with tweeking those settings during a 90 minute game.

The second game was an academy game between Ipswich Town and Tottenham at Portman Road which is far from the grass roots of Woodbridge but just as enjoyable.
As it was an under 15/16s game I have to keep the main match photos in a locked file, still a relationship I’m hoping to develop with Ipswich Academy and I look forward to shooting them more next season.


n other sporting news I’ll be ticking another box this weekend as I’m finally getting around to shooting a boxing event.

I can not wait for this, I’ve always been a boxing fan and since I’ve had Rainywood I’ve wanted to shoot a fight but it’s proved tricky to get access until now, it’s also a chance to emulate one of my photography hero’s Mr Neil Liefer, I’d take 1% of his skill, fingers crossed hey!
That’s about all for this post I’ll share out some boxing photos next time, hopefully I’ll have a selling option on the site soon making buying prints more accessable and maybe some merchandise as well.

Chelsea Flower Show next week too, exciting times ahead!
I’ll keep you posted.
Cheers Woody

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